★★★★★ Five, six, seven eight... I Wish My Life Were Like a Musical


★★★★★ I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical

There’s an old adage that says time flies when you’re having fun. Well it seems I’ve been having an inordinately good time since I last saw Alexander Bermange’s I Wish My Life Were Like a Musical some five years ago!

Fresh from a knockout season at Edinburgh’s Fringe, garnering a mouth-watering 45 five-star reviews – and counting – Like A Musical remains the  quintessential show that presents everything you could possibly want to know about being a musical theatre performer/star.  Shamelessly there are several, myself included, who would love to learn the secrets!

Under Mr Bermange’s stellar tuition, last night’s show was a complete master class. Opening numbers, auditions, dancing, guest spots, life as a cover to ultimately being a diva were dexterously explored. All these beautifully-drawn anecdotal songs are derived from unambiguous first-hand experiences in that wonderful business known as show!

Like A Musical has a multi-talented, dexterous, pitch perfect ensemble comprising Jennifer Caldwell (Six, American Idiot), Kev Keoshgerian (The Rocky Horror Show, Little Woman), Rhidian Marc (Pippin, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera) and Julie Yammanee (Cinderella, Bonnie and Clyde, Here Lies Love). Director, choreographer and lover of a sparkly jacket, Matthew Parker, imbues endless joy, pizzazz, verve, timing and skill in his direction and manages to keep the whole piece breathlessly pacey, relevant and on point.

I Wish My Life Were Like a Musical is a Edinburgh fringe smash and remains perfectly placed to once again set London alight. It provides endless joy and is brimful of musical brilliance. Do I feel another five-star review coming on? Most definitely ... and may be inspiring a song from Mr Bermange for next year’s incarnation?

I Wish My Life Were Like a Musical runs at Wilton’s Music Hall until 9 September
Tickets wiltons.org,uk