When It Happens - a ★★★★ refreshingly joyous synergy

☆★★★★ When It Happens

As you enter the Tristan Bates theatre, you are faced with chairs set out like a waiting room. Very convincingly, as I noticed several members of the audience tempted to sit there. We are soon introduced to Jenny, Beth and Freya, who make up the characters for Rachel Causer's intelligent, smart, faced-paced storytelling. And the unravelling of her ‘surreal comedy following the lives of three women on what they thought would be a normal day of micro-aggressions and self-doubt'.

Then at 2.16pm, Jenny (Rachel Causer), Beth (Roisin Bevan) and Freya (Niamh Watson), all experience a strange phenomenon and each undergoes a transformation. Breaking free from the roles they've been forced to play and starting a hilarious and heart-wrenching rebellion against everything and everyone who put them there in the first place.

Jenny breaks free from her overpowering, sexist male colleague at her advertising agency. Beth breaks loose from her life at Debenhams, discovering the joys of motherhood and Freya breaks free from her controlling father and discovers happiness. To divulge more plot would be grossly unfair as Rachel Causer's writing is a beautifully observed and exquisitely delivered. Her comments on life in an advertising agency were particularly pertinent and strictly observed. And her views on pushy parents extolling the genius of their little ones was truly refreshingly joyous.

Director Kennedy Bloomer has beautifully crafted a gem from Causer's sharp dialogue. But the interaction and tightness of the performances between the actors enhance every nuance, remark and laugh-out-loud moment. This is a piece that excels on multi-levels and has had me smiling long after I left the theatre - that rare occurrence when there is a joyous synergy between writer, actor, director and audience.

When It Happens
by Rachel Causer
presented by Scatterjam Theatre
Jenny Rachel Causer
Beth Roisin Bevan
Freya Niamh Watson 

Writer Rachel Causer
Director Kennedy Bloomer
Producer Lexi Clare 

30th July - 3rd August
18:15 (14:30 matinee)
Book here https://www.actorscentre.co.uk/theatre/when-it-happens/book
Part of our Camden Fringe Season