Tethered - a ★★★★★ exquisitely observed, fascinating performance!


★★★★ Tethered
(or the adventures of the adequately excited people)

As a reviewer, it is always extremely gratifying to get a prominent pull-quote on the publicity for a new production. And I was lucky enough for this to happen to me for Chewboys’ Tethered, currently playing its premiere run at the Lion and Unicorn theatre in Kentish Town. 

Sadly it is now nearly three years since I wrote that, ‘the Chewboys are definitely a theatrical force to be reckoned with’, when reviewing their previous work, Euan. Having just left an exquisitely observed, original and endlessly fascinating performance of Tethered, are they still a theatrical force? Without a doubt, a resounding yes!

Shamelessly quoting Chewboys’ synopsis, Tethered tells the story of ‘Sans and Moins are getting saved, after a lifetime of being tethered together. The prophetic printer has told them so, and they’re very excited. Adequately excited. Kind of excited. As it’s not the first time they’ve got a message like this, and the real question is, will it be the last?’

Confused? You might well be but Georgie Bailey and Hal Darling cleverly draw you into their captivating world. A fascinating journey into a complicated relationship that unravels in front of you as the story is revealed and unfolds. You are brilliantly granted access to their thoughts, motivations, fears and humour. This is no linear exposition of the truth but an intimate, madcap, challenging and deftly crafted piece of writing. By the end of an hour, you are happily immersed in this surreal expedition into interaction and reality.  And as you leave the theatre, make sure you have someone to talk to, as a solitary journey home is decidedly not good for the soul!

Lucy Betts has smartly directed Tethered and maintained a cohesive whole to a host of seemingly disparate thoughts and ideas, cleverly maintaining pace, humour and even some clever dance moves!

George Bailey and Hal Darling are once again on top form – funny, clever, inventive and original. Simply grab the opportunity to see the unique talent that is The Chewboys!


WRITTEN BY: Georgie Bailey

DURATION: 1 Hour (No Interval)
20th-24th July 2021
WEBSITE: https://www.chewboyproductions.com
TWITTER: @ChewBoyProds
INSTAGRAM: @chewboyproductions