MUSIK - a ★★★★★ masterclass in cabaret gold!

★★★★★ MUSIK

MUSIK, created by Jonathan Harvey and the Pet Shop Boys, is described as a cabaret and is a sequel to the 2001 West End musical Closer To Heaven.  It tells the life story of Billie Trix, an icon, rock star, screen goddess, artist, drug addict and serial namedropper! Encapsulated in one hour of classic showbusiness musical gold, the irrepressibly brilliant, funny and breathtakingly original Frances Barber gives a masterclass in outrage!
From the moment we arrived at the Leicester Square theatre, there was an old-style opening night excitement in the air as theatrical knights, Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Trevor Nunn, mingled with lesser mortals, Janet Street-Porter, Michelle Collins, and Freddie Fox to name but a few. It wasn’t long before the incorrigible namedropper Billie revealed the reason Madonna had cancelled so many shows recently. It appears that she has been in seeing Miss Trix and appropriating her act.  And seemingly was there again last night!
Billie Trix has lived a life of excess and shared it fulsomely last night. We are taken on a awe-inspiring journey from post-war Berlin to the rock arenas of the world, via the Vietnam War, Andy Warhol’s Factory, and nearly 10 years in a Soho Square phone box. We find out about her mother, daughter and various lovers including Donald Trump and Prince Harry. And that’s only the beginning!
Frances Barber gives a performance that is sublime. She relentlessly drives Jonathan Harvey’s incisive, brilliantly-observed and hysterical script, which is cleverly punctuated with six classic Pet Shop Boy’s songs. Ich Bin Musik was everything you ever wanted from Euro-disco and would have been at home in Regine’s in Paris, New York or Rio in the 1980s!
MUSIK is an hour in the West End that is genuinely unmissable – hysterical fun with genuine laugh-out-loud moments throughout, a knock-out performance from an unadulterated star and an authentic life-affirming experience.  Need I say more, other than you have been warned!
Director Josh Seymour
Choreographer Anthony Whiteman
Set and Costumes Lee Newby
Lighting David Plater
Sound Fergus O’Hare
Prress Kevin Wilson PR
MUSIK plays at The Leicester Square Theatre from 5 February to 1 March 2020