A Tale of Two Chekhov's - a ★★★★ dose of literary medicine!

☆★★★★ A Tale of Two Chekhov's
Anton Chekhov was a Russian playwright and author of short stories and considered to be among the most celebrated writers. He practised as a doctor throughout most of his literary career and once said, 'Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress.'
A Tale of Two Chekhov's, produced by Broken Word Productions and SE Theatre Company, is a one-act production featuring two short plays by Anton Chekhov, The Bear and The Proposal. Both highlight sharp, witty and pacy performances, and are acknowledged as elegant, intelligent and two of Chekhov's most poignant comedies. With plotlines featuring marriage, family grudges, hypochondria, money and debt, this is undoubtedly a bright mélange of comic devices and undoubted opportunities for quick humour. And all exquisitely exploited by the talented ensemble.
Abby Dunlavy, Julius Wills, Imogen Hunter and Will Banister are a small, versatile, flexible and vibrant company. Cleverly capitalising on the family disputes and dynamics of the stories, which at times become bizarre, even absurd, but necessarily add to the sharply-observed denouements of both stories.
Breathless, clipped and a worthwhile watch by emerging talents – don’t miss out!


Abby Dunlavy
Julius Wills
Imogen Hunter
Will Banister


Author: Anton Chekhov
Director: Julius Wills, Imogen Hunter
Production: Will Banister, Elliott Wallis

A Tale of Two Chekhov’s plays at the Etcetera Theatre
as part of Camden Fringe


  1. Fabulous review. Well done all of you! Looking forward to seeing it on Sunday 😊 You are all stars, for the hard work you have put into it 😊


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