Tim Cook's Adam and Eve – a modern-day Genesis story

★★★★★Adam and Eve – ‘a modern-day Genesis story.’
The Hope Theatre until June 9 2018

Adam and Eve, a new play from award-winning writer Tim Cook, arrives at The Hope Theatre, with many plaudits and more stars than the Guide Michelin, and, in my opinion, all well-deserved. This is a neat piece of writing that is engrossing, frustrating, wonderful but, above all, utterly fascinating.

Merely quoting the play’s synopsis from the website, ‘Newlyweds Adam & Eve are moving to the countryside, leaving the city behind for good. They’re going to buy a house, start a family and live happily ever after. But when Adam is suspended from work and accusations are made, they’re forced to question how well they really know each other.’

It is important to realise that Adam is a teacher and Nikki, a female student making the accusations. Enough to put stress on any relationship but the newly-weds are also expecting a baby. Ultimately this is a story about their relationship and the angst that one seemingly simple situation puts on it. The story warrants a spoiler-alert but rest assured I will not be revealing the plot twists. And there are many, that keeps you fascinated and on the edge of your seat until the ultimate denouement.

Lee Knight

Jennifer Davis expertly directs with incredible pace and sharpness in a filmic-style that beautifully suits the clipped narrative. The ensemble deserves equal praise, Lee Knight as Adam is excellent as the tortured teacher and gives a performance that is both captivating and irresistible. Jeannie Dickinson as Eve plays the part of his estate agent wife with a confused strength and vulnerability, with Melissa Parker as Nikki, pure anti-social media evilness! All are compulsive to watch and elicit conflicted emotions from the audience.
Melissa Parker
Jeannie Dickinson
Tim Cook has produced a fascinating, intelligent, taut piece of writing that is wonderfully captivating and enhanced by the strength of the assured, dominant performances of his cast.

More please from Tim Cook and Broken Silence Theatre.



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